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Introduction Ows Souzou

SouzouProject was established thanks to talented students graduating from HEDSPI program, studying and working in Japan. Our company is a united team yearning for leading technology to improve more perfect services.

About HEDSPI program:

WHY Ows Souzou

Enthusiastic, Flexible

We are a united team of young and enthusiastic members, graduating from prestigious institutions in Japan and Vietnam.
About Souzou

We know who our customers are

Having worked at Japan and participated in Japanese projects, we are confident not only about our language capacity but about our profound understanding of Japanese culture. It is not exaggerated to say that we understand Japanese as well as Vietnamese.
About Souzou
About Souzou

Cutting-edge underlying technology

We own a fully equipped lab to facilitate the research of newest tecnologies as well as the applications. We dedicate our time and efforts to find a perfect solution for your problems.
About Souzou

Working experience

Our team members have joined in numerous projects from small to large scale, in a variety of fields (web, ecomus, mobile, backend). Therefore we are confident of our technical expertises, including UI, UX, and our ability to arrange a perfect working plan.
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We focus on providing IT-solution specially designed for Japan. With our experience working with Japanese customers, we would like to introduce two solution packages with respect to the scale and requirements of a project:

Package solution
Package solution
Customers only need to provide requirements. Our jobs are to prepare a working plan in the back and provide the pre-estimated price. The working plan is arranged to ensure that the deadline and all other requirements are fulfiled (including user interface design, additional development, testing.... if inquired). Payment should be made at intervals according to the argreement made between two sides. This type of package is most suitable for small-scaled projects, usually have fixed output and short duration.
Provide developing team solution
Provide developing team solution
With this package our professionals will work with project managers/ software engineers (PM/SE) from the customers for a pre-determined period of time (typically from a half to a full year). The PM/SE of the customers should meet with our team at our company to be able to participate in planning and controlling the direction of the project during product development.This type of package is most suitable for medium to large projects, which might have considerable changes during the development process.

Project Type

We are extensively experienced with the below fields, but we also welcome other types of project from customers:

Realtime System

Building realtime backend for game, app by TCP, UDP or Websocket, SocketIO Examples: Chat app, RPG game, realtime game

Technologies: PHP, Java, Javascript, HTML5, Android, iOS...

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Web Development

Website systems from basic ones (news, introduction pages) to the more complicated and back-end orientated (e-commerce, groupon..)

Technologies: PHP, HTML5, Facebook SDK, Google API, MySQL, MongoDB...

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Mobile Application

A collection of mobile applications for iOS, Android, including native and cross-platform ones.

Technologies: Objective-C, Java, HTML5, RabbitMQ...

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Games for mobile using HTML5, webgames using popular engine: Cocos2d-x, Unity, HTML5

Technologies: Objective-C, Android, Cocos2d-x/Unity/libgdx, HTML5, Redis...

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Robust back-end systems underliying many mobile apps, real-time games, cluster-based web, using Proxy, Load-Balancing technique to withstand a larger load...

Technologies: Java, C++, Nginx, Haproxy, Websocket, Redis...

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Specific system

Specialised systems for E-learning, E-commerce, with great supports from powerful back-end systems, bringing extensiblity and productivity

Technologies: AS3, Moodle, Bigbluebutton, WebRTC...

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Premium technology is always essential to a good product, hence we invest a vast majority of our time and efforts to master core technologies in various fields: web, mobile application, game, back-end system...

Opera System

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Contact us

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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